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Luxury Gemstone Bracelets!

Amazonite is a beautiful pale mint green mineral stone.

It is believed to date back as far as the 10th century BC and can be found in the Amazon River of Brazil, Colorado, Virginia, Australia, and Madagascar.

Ancient civilizations like Egyptians, used Amazonite for it's healing properties and as slabs to carve ancient texts.

Amazonite is a wonderful soothing stone. It helps with reducing physical ailments and emotional issues. It helps with stress relief and trauma healing. It aids in cell regeneration and healing after illnesses and injury. It can be used in treating disorders of the nervous system and blockages in the flow of neutral impulses, as well as issues with the throat and thyroid gland

It's wonderful for balancing the metabolic processes related to calcium assimilation. Amazonite may be used to prevent hair loss, and repairing brittle hair and nails. It's wonderful for preventing infections, soothing rashes and healing blisters.


 Amethyst comes in a variety of purple colors and is know as one of the master stones in the quartz family.  Amethyst is semi precious stone with a glassy lustre.

Ancient civilizations have been using amethyst crystals since about 25,000 BC. Amethyst can be found from Brazil all the way to Siberia. It is a powerful and protective stone.

As it is a natural tranquilizer, it is a great stone for reducing insomnia, anxiety, and addictions. It is also a great stone for relaxation. By putting it under your pillow or on your night stand it helps promote sleep.

On a spiritual level, it activates spiritual awareness, opens intuition and enhances psychic abilities. It has strong healing and cleansing powers.

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About Amoraea Collections

Featured September Pieces

Energy Infused Self-Love Bath Salt Mix
with Rose Quartz Chips

New Arrival!

This beautiful handmade bath mixture helps release emotional stress, aids with relaxation, clears negative energy and amplifies inner healing at a cellular level.


Draw a warm bath, breath in the aroma of relaxing lavender, chamomile, rose petals, close your eyes, and enjoy the energy it gives off.


Infused with rose quartz chips,  healing energy, light codes specifically for release, cleansing and healing purified with sage.

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These beautiful gold plated and silver plated quartz coasters come in unique shapes and have their own healing properties. They are also infused with quantum energy and light language to amplify the properties of the healing crystal you choose. 

Our coasters are cleansed, and prepped to raise the vibration of your home, as well as setting the mood for any spiritual practice.

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Handmade in Alberta

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Check out our spiritual jewelry!

Each piece of jewelry that is created is unique in its signature and frequency. The crystals and gemstones that are intuitively selected are infused with a lot of love, plasma light and healing light codes to help amplify the healing properties in the crystals and gemstones. 

We also custom make jewelry for healing intentions, spiritual practices and festive occasions.