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Custom handmade healing bracelet and earring set infused with love quantum energy and light language healing codes. It is made with Yellow Jade with Grade A Lapis Lazuli

Yellow Jade is associated with the Sun and represents wisdom, courage, attracts good fortune, peace, dispels negativity and aids in releasing bottled up emotions.

Anatomically it works wonders for digestive issues, gastrointestinal issues, improves efficiency of your internal organs like the kidneys, pancreas, digestive track etc. It can clear fatigue and chronic tiredness, removes toxins from the body. It correlates with Solar Chakra.

Lapis Lazuli known as the wisdom stone and is a wonderful stone for protection from psychic attacks, brings deep peace, reveals inner truth, honesty, self expression etc. It can also open up psychic abilities and empower your senses and intuition.

Anatomically it soothes inflammation, cleanses bone marrow, helps with issues surrounding the respiratory and nervous system that controls brain disorders. It clears the throat and thymus, reduces insomnia, helps with depression and vertigo.

The light language healing codes and quantum energy infused in this set is non-invasive and specific to the clients needs and targeted outcome which amplifies the healing properties of the stones used in this set.


Custom made gemstone earring and bracelet set

SKU: AC005
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