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Polished gypsum selenite crystal bowl for energizing and healing. A wonderful addition to elevate the viberation of your home and to energize and cleanse your crystals or jewelry.


Healing Properties: Selenite is a wonderful calming stone. It is amazing for energy clearing. It aligns the spinal column and promotes flexibility. It aids in correcting deformaties of the skeletal system and can stabilise epileptic disorders. It is used to improve disorders associated with metal poisoning due to teeth fillings and can reverse the effects of "free radicals" in the cell structure. It helps to over come cancer, tumours, age spots, wrinkles and light sensitivity.


It's one of the few crystals that doesn't need to be cleansed, it actually cleanses other crystals. These bowls are the perfect addition to any crystal collection A wonderful stone to wear or to have in the house. 


Disclaimer: Do not cleanse under water.


Cleansed, infused with love, healing energy, and light language.

Gypsum Selenite Crystal Bowl

SKU: AC0060
  • Gemstone: Gypsum Selenite from Morroco

    Color: White

    Size: 4 Inches



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